Big Film Fest: At Eternity’s Gate.

Big Film Fest presents for its screening on January 21 the amazing story of the life and death of master artist Vincent van Gogh.
In AT ETERNITY’S GATE, Vincent Van Gogh (Willem Dafoe) is having little success with his paintings in 1880s Paris. He meets avant-garde painter Paul Gauguin (Oscar Isaac), who encourages Van Gogh to travel south. In Arles, thanks to funding from his loving, supportive brother, Theo (Rupert Friend), Van Gogh rediscovers nature and starts painting his remarkable landscapes and flowers. But his drinking and turbulent behavior frequently get him in trouble. A visit from Gauguin lifts Van Gogh’s spirits, but when the time comes for his friend to depart, Van Gogh cuts off his own ear with the intention of sending it to him. He winds up in psychiatric hospitals before being discharged to Auvers-sur-Oise in 1890, where Dr. Paul Gachet (Mathieu Amalric) looks after him. There, Van Gogh paints some of his most important work — but, alas, his time left on Earth is short.

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