Join us!!
The objective is to hold a one hour Zoom webinar featuring 4 artists 
for the end of June. They would have 15 minutes each to talk about 
their art and show some of their works.

If there were fewer artists interested, we could have longer sessions 
by each. In addition to the artists showing a few of their works, a 
theme also might be that the artists talk about a story behind their 
art and also each could talk a bit about a technique they use in their 
works (e.g. people may be interested to learn more about how a 
specific technique is done for their own personal interest – like a 
mini-art class).

There is a 30 minute Zoom meeting this Monday, June 15 at 7:00 p.m. 
for all interested to prepare for this webinar. We will have to move 
quickly but as you all are aware, not as much notice is needed for 
webinars. This could also be a test run for potential future webinars 
given these changing times.

Following is the link for the meeting this Monday.  I will open the 
Zoom meeting  at 6:50 p.m. – if you can login before 7:00 pm. we can 
test video, audio so that we are ready to start for 7:00 pm.

Hope everyone can attend!

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