The Palmerston Film Circuit will be hosting another virtual screening through the Norgan Theatre from April 23rd until April 30th 2021.

The feature for this month is The Conductor, a trail-breaking woman who became one of the first female symphony conductors.

Purchase your ticket at the link below and you will have access to view “The Conductor”. You will have access to view the film from Friday, April 23rd until Friday, April 30th. Once you start viewing the film you will have 24 hours to finish it. 

Virtual ticket cost: $12 

Purchase your virtual ticket!

Join our Film Fest group on Thursday, April 29th at 7 pm via Zoom for film discussion and review.


Bring proof of your virtual screening purchase to the ticket wicket at the Norgan from 4-6pm on Friday, April 23rd and receive three small boxes of freshly popped popcorn for FREE!!

The Conductor


United States 1926: The Dutch, 24-year-old Antonia Brico (played by Christanne de Bruijn) was a child when she and her parents (Annet Malherbe and Raymond Thiry) immigrated to the United States. She dreams of becoming a conductor, but nobody takes her ambition seriously. Her piano teacher advices her against taking the entrance exam for the conservatory. Because she has little to lose, she returns to her motherland, where she begs the famous conductor Mengelberg (Gijs Scholten van Aschat) to teach her conducting lessons. Mengelberg is not comfortable with the idea and sends her to Berlin where she, against all expectations, has a better chance as a woman to make it. Emotional strain threatens to overwhelm her, when the love of her life puts her in a difficult position. What choice will Antonia make?

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