Join us on a venture at the March exhibition by Dana Savard: Multidimensional Transmutation and Transcended of NOW. Where UNIQUENESS and FREEDOM is expressed through INTUITIVE PAINTINGS, and the journey of experience of your OWN IMAGINATION. You will have the potential to become healed and connected to all parts of yourself when you open your heart and allow Joy and Peace enter.. IT IS ALL YOUR EXPERIENCE NOW !

On Thursday March 5th 2020, will be the Openings Reception of the Art exhibition “Multidimensional Transmutation and Transcendence of Now” by Dana Savard. Between 18:30-20:00 at the Minto Arts Gallery, located on the top floor of the Harriston Public Library. The Minto Dance Academy will be performing during the opening.

The exhibition lasts till March 28th. She truly hope that you all will be able to come and ENJOY THE ENERGIES that had been created through the PAINTINGS OF COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS.
A true pleasure for the eye and mind.

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