JOAN BAEZ: I AM A NOISE screens at BFF. On Monday, May 13, at 7:15 pm at the Norgan Theatre. Located on 275 Main Street West in Palmerston. The admission is $10.00.

Presented by Big Film Fest is “JOAN BAEZ: I AM A NOISE”. A searingly honest look at a living legend, this film is a compelling and deeply personal exploration of an icon who has never told the full truth of her life. The film follows Baez on her 2018 Fare Thee Well goodbye tour and was evidently filmed over a number of years – long enough to include an interview with a sister who has since died, and to show heart-rending footage of Baez tending to her very elderly mother who has also now gone. We see Baez storming it in venues all over the US, with starry names such as Bill and Hillary Clinton coming backstage afterwards to bask in her authentic protest prestige.


The movie looks back at Joan Baez’s sensational life and career at the head of the protest culture and anti-Vietnam movement, and her relationship with Bob Dylan – with whom she was in love but who broke her heart. “Joan Baez I Am a Noise” almost has more to bite off than one biopic can effectively chew. It’s easy to imagine a worthy documentary being made just about what it’s like for a veteran performer to decide to retire, as Baez did with one last run out on the road in 2018-19. Another approach would have simply surveyed the entirety of her career as the 20th century’s premier female folk singer, including being dead-center at the civil rights and antiwar movements.

The film’s fascinating prologue has Baez speaking to, and physically illustrating, what’s necessary for a world-class, gold-throated singer to go out on the road in her late 70s, including sessions with a vocal coach meant to determine whether songs’ keys need to be lowered or there’s a path back to the high notes of youth and middle age.

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