The Gates are OPEN from February 6th till 29th, 2020.
Freedom to express, freedom to explore and the joy of an explosion of colours by Dixi Le Roux
Artist’s Reception on Thursday February 6th 6:30 – 8:00 pm at top floor of the Harriston Public Library.

Dixi le Roux is a self-taught artist. It helped that she was born into an artistic family. It is only after retirement that she has had the time and freedom to fulfill her lifelong passion for art. Working with established artists either through lessons or workshops, she picked up valuable tips on methods, mediums, etc. She works mainly with Acrylics using brushes, rollers and palette knives. With a few solo/shared shows, acceptance in juried shows, being part of New Hamburg Art Tour and participation in Art in the Park, Stratford,  Dixi gained confidence in what she is doing and is looking forward to more art adventures. 

“Impressionism means the total impression of the eye and soul, a fleeting instant in time which is caught on canvas, the atmosphere, the colour and light. Her work reflects an experience of that which lies beneath reality. Her technique is a happy mixture of impressionism and contemporary paint applications. She does not in any way try to comment or reflect on social trends and values. Her work is pure happiness.” Estee Mostert

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