Featuring youth blogger Alexis Kuper will be on SPARC (Supporting Performing Arts in Rural Communities), in the near future. Born and raised in Mapleton, she is a 20-year-old University of Ottawa student. For the time being she’ll be continuing her studies from her home dairy farm. Having worked for the Minto Chamber of Commerce, Alexis Kuper is excited to be writing now for SPARC this spring and to help support creatives in rural Ontario! She’s a driven and hard worker. Who’s passionate about economic development, marketing, and event planning. As well as poetry and music. You can purchase her debut poetry collection, Attic Kids, via Amazon. Also you can read smaller pieces on her Instagram – @alexis.kuper, or on the SPARC web-site.

If you’re a neighbour, you’ve definitely seen her out walking with her headphones in!

SPARC is a network, whose purpose is to ignite and help sustain performing arts communities in rural and remote Ontario. In order for the performing arts scene to thrive we believe there needs to be people, services and systems that allow us to communicate with each other effectively. The SPARC network has been designed so that it is owned, developed and controlled by YOU. The individuals, groups and organizations that make the performing arts happen in rural and remote areas.  Your networking needs, development goals, and artistic interests will inform the growth and evolution of SPARC over the next few years.

Find out more about the featuring youth blogger Alexis Kuper, and other art news at: www.sparcperformingarts.com

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