On March 18 Big Film Fest is showing at the Norgan Theatre in Palmerston: Clara. Take a trip through space with Isaac Bruno (Patrick J. Adams), who is an astronomer, consumed with searching the cosmos for evidence of life. When his obsession jeopardizes his career, he ignores a friend’s advice to get his life back on track. Instead delves deeper into his research – in part to escape from a tragedy in his past. After Isaac meets an artist named Clara (Troian Bellisario), who shares his fascination with space and has a keen eye for detecting patterns, the two begin an unlikely collaboration sifting through mounds of newly released stellar data in the hopes of making a monumental discovery.

In conclusion, let yourself be enchanted by this magnificent journey of two unlikely travel companions this Monday at Big Film Fest in March, shown at the Norgan Theatre : Clara

Admission $10


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