Big Film Fest May 2019 opens on the 18th with two short films from the Barrie Film Festival’s Short Film Showcase. The first is called Pieces directed by Brandon Hiles. It is about a couple trying to figure out what love is and how it does and doesn’t change us. Pieces won First Prize in the Simcoe County Category.

The second is Hotbox. Directed by Faith Howe and starring Canadian film star Winny Clarke. This is a quick sketch of life at a yoga studio. Human nature never fails to challenge, just ask naive “it’s all about the love” Maggie, as she manages a different set of circumstances each time the door opens at her new yoga studio.  Faith will be in attendance and Winny may be able to join her. Hotbox was the winner of the People’s Choice Award.

Our Feature is Wild Rose, starring Jessie Buckley and Julie Walters.  Young single mother Rose-Lynn Harlan (former musical reality talent show contestant Jessie Buckley, who came in second on the BBC show I’d Do Anything), 23,lives in Glasgow, but dreams of becoming a country star in Nashville. After spending a year in prison on drug-related offences, Rose-Lynn goes home to her mother (Julie Walters), who has been taking care of Rose-Lynn’s two young children.Rose-Lynn is indifferent to her kids, seeing them as an impediment on her road to stardom. Once a singer at a local country music club, Rose-Lynn now has a strict parole curfew and an ankle monitor, which precludes her from returning to the stage.Instead, she finds a job as a housekeeper for an English woman, Susannah (Sophie Okonedo), during the day. When Susannah and her children hear Rose-Lynnsinging while working, they become fans and want to help her reach her dreams.

We will have a selection of wines on offer, too!  

Jessie Buckley in Wild Rose (2018)

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