Lights Up! The Performing Arts Return workshop series. Join us for 4 full day workshops that will help you to kick-start your arts practice!

About this event

This series of four workshops will take place in Minto, Harriston, Mount Forest and Fergus. You can sign up for one workshop, or attend all four. You can sign up for as many of the workshops as you like ($25/workshop or all four for $80).

Workshops will run from 10am-3:30/4pm (doors will open at 9:30am for check-in) and include lunch.

Please see below for workshop descriptions, locations, workshop facilitator bios and more!

April 23 – How NOT to put on a show or It seemed like a good idea at the time…. led by Michael Clipperton and Drayton Entertainment.

LOCATION: Harriston Town Hall Theatre, 68 Elora Street South, Harriston, N0G 1Z0

ABOUT THIS WORKSHOP: This workshop will look at the “ins-and-outs” and the “do’s-and-don’t’s” of putting on a show.

• How not to plan a season

• How not to select a show

• How not to secure the rights

• How not to recruit the production team

• How not to develop rehearsal schedules

• How not to rehearse

• How not to build sets, costumes, props, lights

• How not to develop marketing strategies

• How not to develop COVID guidelines

Etc., etc., etc…

Michael Clipperton is a director, playwright, university lecturer, adjudicator, producer, designer, singer, and some-time actor.

May 14 – Wellness in the Arts – led by Samantha Marchionda, Krystal Lyah and Brenda Manderson.

LOCATION: Maryborough Community Centre, 15 Ball Ave., Moorefiled, N0G 2K0

ABOUT THIS WORKSHOP: The pandemic put a stop to many artistic practices, leaving us missing our hobbies, passions, work and outlets. This workshop will take a few different looks at how we can regain our confidence, joie de vivre and reignite our passion for the arts! In the morning we’ll have a presentation from Samantha Marchionda on mental health (including some original songs!). After lunch we’ll learn about energy work (reiki) and then spend some time learning and singing a song together (think Choir! Choir! Choir! but on a smaller scale – no singing experience necessary this is just for fun!)

June 11 – Welcoming Everyone – led by Rachel Marks, Abby Graham and The Grove and the Canadian Council of Muslims


ABOUT THIS WORKSHOP: The arts have long been a leader in inclusion, diversity and equity and today’s facilitators are going to show us ways to expand our reach. Whether that means welcoming new audiences, artists or community members, this day will not only be fun, but will show us ways in which we can help build more fulsome and inclusive communities (artistic and otherwise).

Rachel Marks will help us to create venue guides that welcome the d/Deaf and Disabled communities to our spaces and events. Later we’ll hear from Abby Graham & The Grove and their inspiring story of LGBTQ2S++ inclusion and finally the Canadian Council of Muslims will help us to understand and combat Islamophobia.

June 26 – Movers & Shakers – Networking & Promotion – led by Motus O dance theatre

LOCATION – Motus O dance theatre, 6880 Sideroad 3 West, Mount Forest, N0G 2L0

ABOUT THIS WORKSHOP: Come spend an unforgettable day on MOTUS O dance theatre’s hobby farm in Mount Forest, Ontario on Sunday, June 26th, 2022 from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm, attending a workshop on Networking & Promotions. This workshop is geared to all artists, visual or performing, amateur or professional, to meet in person to exchange information and ideas with individuals who share similar needs in how to get our work ‘out there’. Hosted and facilitated by MOTUS O’s co-artistic directors, these senior artists will share best practices on how they have sustained a professional performing arts company for over 30 years, performing works across Canada and internationally.

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