Basement Café in October presents:

Emily MacRobbie accompanied by Brenda Manderson, Meggi Faye and Mikalyn Hay.

The concert will be in the basement of the library in Harriston. On Saturday, October 22, 2022 at 8 pm.

Tickets cost $25 – no alcohol will be served.

Emily MacRobbie

Emily MacRobbie (Ziegler) was born and raised in Harriston and still lives and works locally. She has been entertaining various audiences with her singing for the past 30 years. Most recently was the winner of Drayton Entertainment’s Great Community Talent Search, which concluded in May 2022! She plans to perform some of her favourite female country ballads for this basement café in October performance.

Brenda Manderson

A veteran musician, Brenda Manderson has been a member of a number of bands. Most recently The Pleats and Boyd’s Orchestra. For four years, Brenda directed the Rolling Thunder Rock Choir in conjunction with the Southampton Summer Music Festival. She also was the accompanist for the 80-voice Kincardine Community Singers for a number of years. Brenda served as Musical Director for various musical theatre productions. Accompanist and harmony vocalist for various artists, a ballet school, church musician and private music teacher. Brenda is a multi-instrumentalist and plays guitar, flute, ukulele, and keyboard.

Meggi Faye

Meggi Faye is from Essex county. She began writing and singing songs with her guitar at age 15 and continued as a way to find healing. From love and loss to mental illness, music became her refuge and safe space. After a short hiatus from music, moving to Essex county, and starting a family. She began writing, recording and performing again. With influences like Kathleen Edwards and Jenn Grant, her voice captivates her listeners. It has a euphonic quality while her lyrics are moving and unforgettable. Her songs offer solace to wounded hearts and peace to weary minds; they’re soul medicine. The self-produced first EP “Meggi Faye” came while recording in a glorified blanket fort in Toronto. Her second album titled “Radiant Sun” came a few years later. It brought her and her band to venues like The Amsterdam Bicycle Club and The Free Times Cafe.

Mikalyn Hay

Mikalyn’s signature alt-pop stylings defy her age and blur lines between genres and eras. Between the depth of her voice, substance of her songwriting, and seemingly endless list of achievements. One would swear the young artist has been in the game for decades. Mikalyn ascent began with an unconventional foothold. When a Brazilian record label discovered her original, piano-driven music on Soundcloud and offered to transform them into EDM hits. Resulting in millions of streams with such artists as Zuffo, Diskover, Ownboss, Evokings, Kohen, Freakpass, Salutte, and Jetlag. These collaborations were and continue to be instrumental in building her repertoire and fan base. Ultimately introducing new listeners to her original alt-pop stylings. With a one-of-a-kind style and unwavering drive. Mikalyn shows no signs of slowing down on her already-impressive trajectory as a singer-songwriter and launches her indie-pop career. 

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