The Minto Arts Council is a non-profit, volunteer-directed organization.
Designed to promote and encourage participation in the arts and heritage of Minto.

The Minto Arts Council thanks You. All of our patrons, sponsors and volunteers for another year for the arts!
With your help the Minto Arts Council can continue to bring wonderful visual and musical artists to our community.

Christmas Silent Auction 2020

November 14 – December 5, 2020 • Minto Arts Gallery

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Christmas Silent Auction 2020

Christmas Silent Auction 2020

Christmas Silent Auction 2020, rings the spirit of art and unity in the happiest time of the year. Even though this year has been different at the least, with all the Covid-19 restrictions that we've all experienced, we don't want it to let it spoil the fun of giving...

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Thank you for helping MAC

Thank you for helping MAC

Thank you for helping MAC create a long-lasting impact on the arts in our community. In this time of giving we are heart warmed by the many kind individuals, groups and families who are making a difference in our community. We are truly grateful for all the support we...

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Did You Know…

The Minto Arts Council is a non-profit, volunteer directed, organization?

Your financial support contributes to providing arts programming, supporting local arts initiatives and funding awards for local youth.

Love the Arts?

You don't have to be an Artist to enjoy the Arts! Whether it's mending the gallery, spreading publicity, the for and after math of shows and events, we couldn't do it all without volunteers. We always welcome new volunteers to our exhibition committee, gallery staff, and Christmas silent auction crew! Contact us now and see what you can do for your community.

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